3.2. The theory of united humankind (TUH). Main question. Unity and integrity.

I just recently realized how to correctly name what I write – the theory of united humankind (TUH). Based on the logic of discrete evolution. Neither the first nor the second has yet been found. They are creating right now. That’s why it takes so long to write each new article and create new videos for YouTube. I’ve been working on them for more than 40 years. Lucidity came only now. This theory is absolutely necessary for humankind to survive the crisis that we are in today. 

There is a main, basic question that actually started the “Age of Mind” and the theory of united humankind – are the evolution of humankind and the evolution of a specific person connected? Initially, this question seemed to me absolutely clear, obvious, simple, physic and natural by itself answer – of course they are connected! 

It is quite natural that if these two processes are connected, and one of them (human evolution) is divided into periods and stages, then it is quite acceptable and natural to assume that the second one also has stages and periods. It is also natural and simple to assume that if both processes (human evolution and evolution of humankind) are connected, then the stages and periods into which these two processes are divided are also connected. 

And so I truly believed in it from the very beginning of work on this topic. But then it became clear that everything is completely wrong. It became clear that a lot of people do not see this connection at all and do not understand it. So the theory that I called “The theory of united humankind” began from the explanation of this question and the answer on it. 

There are two very popular books in the West, bestsellers, which I once read very carefully for one purpose-I wanted to understand what the West sees and expects from the future. They are both about the evolution of humankind, about history, about the future. The first F. Fukuyama “The end of history and the last man”. Fukuyama wrote his book in the late ‘ 80s. In his future, what he describes in the book, there was nothing special, just a quiet ordinary life. The second book-Y. N. Harari “Sapiens. A brief history of humankind” was written in the early 2000s. There are no crises in these books, no coronaviruses, no breakup of the Soviet Union, no revolt in America – NOTHING. Their intellectual thought in the future does not see any big changes and big historical events (that’s why – the end of history). A quiet, peaceful, and completely empty future. The real and complete meaning of “end of history”. I repeat – these are very popular and famous books, and we can assume that these books represent the most widespread and advanced opinion on these issues. But they do not say a word about the connection between the evolutions of mankind and human! 

So, the first conclusion – the connection between the evolution of humankind and human evolution is not as clear and simple as I thought at the beginning. And I lost in thoughts why?. 

You see, today we are divided and divided according to many characteristics, properties, reasons and circumstances. We have different languages, we think differently, because we educated differently, we each have different material and social conditions. We live in different countries with different wealth and different levels of progress. And even in the one family, we are different! So where are we the same? There are many different articles and scientific works on the topic of one humankind, but none of them answers the question ” what is the unity of humankind?”. The hyped bestsellers of Fukuyama and Harari don’t answer this question either. 

But why should we answer this question? Why is it so important? Because I think it hides the answer to the most important question in the world – how do we survive? How can we survive in a global humankind crisis and deal with all our problems? 

And none of the any work the authors do not even try to answer this question. We will answer this question. Many readers will probably find the answer difficult and unclear at first, some fantastic and strange, but the longer you think about it, the more you will understand that only this answer answers many questions related to the topic. And that answer makes a lot of predictions for the future. 

We will assume that humankind is not just a reality made up of individuals as parts or elements of that reality. To fully understand humankind and its unity, we must see it as a process, as the passing of a historical process, where each person is not just a point, but a short segment, a small path, which forms a long and continuous line of millions of years. This is a very short line, but it is still a line and each of us leaves, leaving behind this short line-point that exactly extends this common path by its size. In discrete logic, this period is called “simultaneity” and at the hierarchical level of humankind, it is approximately 45 years. S. P. Kapitsa called this interval one active human life. 

We are all connected in one  – we all born and growth identically, we all start at conceiving, from the fetus, we are all the same babies, we all have childhood, youth, adulthood, intelligence, and old ages. And even humankind as a unit replicate the same path of evolution. This process, this path of evolution is our unity! This is the core that penetrate each of us and all of humankind at the same time. And this core, this stream is not one human life long. Its length hundreds, thousands, and millions of years. 

But if all streams, if all flows, how do we become something unite? Where do planets and stars come from, and how do organisms, atoms, and bodies appear? In other articles, I have already asked this question – how can a state exist for hundreds or thousands of years if it consists of people, each of whom lives for 60 or 70 years? 

The state and society consist not just of people, but of people-functions, of people-professions, of officials who perform functions that people can transfer to each other. There are family responsibilities, professional and corporate responsibilities, and government responsibilities. We transfer responsibilities to each other, living only 45-60 years, but maintaining a whole society, and this continues for hundreds and thousands of years. The transfer of these functions and the functions themselves are also a connection, a unity that connect us all. The whole is always parts, it is necessarily made up of parts. Each part is a function, a duty. 

That is, we are unity when we need a flow, a flow, something that fills everything and any form. When we need something hard and solid, then we are a whole, solid, consisting of parts connected by functions. Thanks to the functions that each of us performs, we can build a bridge through time and space that is thousands and millions of years long! He is our continuity. 

There is a direct and complete analogy of the individual, society and their cooperation – atom, star, gravity. This is all the more interesting analogy, because according to physicists at the beginning of the formation of stars there were only hydrogen and helium atoms, that is, atoms of the first period of the periodic table. And this exactly corresponds to our reasoning about the beginning of the appearance of both physical reality and subjective reality – MIND. If we assume that both hydrogen and helium appeared together with the Stars, then we must assume that those atoms that existed before the formation of Stars were some temporary, unstable, intermediate forms of atoms. That is, then we are modern people, and we are still not really intelligent people who will appear after the formation of a united humankind and a human Superorganism. We are still living in the stage of appearance, the stage of transformation, similar to the stage of transformation of caterpillar into a butterfly. Humankind has not yet become an intelligent. We only have to become intelligent soon. That is, soon, if humankind can pass this crisis, we will begin to turn into truly intelligent beings of the first period of intelligence. Below we will talk about how many periods there will be in total. That is, these stages-childhood, youth, adulthood – will be the stages of preparation and transformation into a intelligent person. 

Now let’s think about this: is the unity of stream and the discrete unity of integrity just our own, human unity, or is it the General structure of reality and we can find it everywhere? Of course, I’m still talking about assumptions, hypotheses, but they are very interesting. 

First. Biologically, humans are made up of cells. What if it’s not just cells, what if a person also has a stream of cells that change and update each other? We have recently learned about the existence of stem cells, and it seems that they claim to be the concept of a “stream of universal cells” that acquire functionality during maturation. Then we can assume that there are structures in our body, passing through which universal cells become functional. 

Second. From the point of view of hierarchical and discrete reality, the beginning of each new level of reality must be accompanied by changes in existing levels, that is, changes in the past. The appearance of stars occurred along with the final formation of the third dimension, gravity, and the appearance of single-shell hydrogen and helium atoms. The beginning of the next hierarchical level-structures of stars-galaxies, should have occurred with the formation of the fourth dimension, the appearance of a new “stellar interaction” and the appearance of the second atomic period of the periodic table – oxygen, carbon, fluorine, etc. In the same way, the third atomic period with the corresponding elements, the “galactic” interaction and the fifth dimension should have appeared. In other words, there should be seven such levels of reality (according to the number of atomic shells) and the corresponding number of interactions, including gravity. It seems to me more logical and simple than to assume the existence of some” dark substance ” and “dark energy”. 

But there is a next step in this hypothesis. Then any atom can be represented as a stream or streams of quantum that have at least seven levels of specialization (the spectrum of light!) and designed for their specific level of reality. In this case, each electron shell is a multidimensional structure of specialization and “maturation” of its quantum level and is associated with a certain atomic interaction. 

And the last thing I would like to focus on. 

Repeat once again. Our unity is a bridge that connects us all, through the past and present, in space and time, for the sake of this bridge we live and fulfill our functions and responsibilities. This bridge connects us to our past and to our future, to our ancestors and to our future legatees. 

This connection cannot be interrupted. To break this connection is like breaking your own back. The past may be brilliant and beautiful, it may be stinky and ugly, but this is your past, this is you. Human is a complex and contradictory being. You can admire it, but you can also be horrified. But you will still be human and you can’t change anything. Because you are unity and integrity. It remains only to accept this fact and see everything that is both good and bad in it. And to glad and to cry. You can’t change the past, you can’t undo it. It should be accepted as a father and mother. You can argue with them, you can prove something, but your past is already in you, and you can’t do anything about it, except some stupid thing. Don’t do anything stupid. You need to change the future and respect and appreciate your past 

This is why I want to say a very important thing to those who do not fully understand the significance of the connection between generations, the value of our unity and our integrity. I believe that this theory is the result of the fact that I got my education in the Soviet Union. Only there we had to study in complex the materialist dialectic and Hegel, the materialism of Marx and Engels, and only there could we mix Russian culture with the mentality of the East and Asia. They believed in the connection between the evolution of society and the individual. And I am very grateful to that time, that society and that country. 

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